Machines and Service

We carry a complete line of Janome sewing and embroidery machines. Janome delivers the most powerful, sophisticated home machine on the market, with patented stepping-motor technology and industry-leading software.

The Sew E-Z Advantage

Sew E-Z prides itself on providing excellent customer service and education to all of our customers. Whether purchasing a sewing machine or just a yard of fabric, your experience in our store is our upmost priority.

When purchasing a machine from Sew E-Z, you receive all the one-on-one classes needed to learn everything about your machine. Whether it be a basic sewing machine or a top of the line sewing and embroidery machine, it is important that you get the most out of your investment. Classes are scheduled at a convenient time for you. Learning how to use your machine to its fullest capacity is very important to us.

Our service department is here to provide you the best service possible on your machine. Keeping your machine in good working condition ensures that you are able to use it to its fullest capability. Our turnaround time is normally 3-5 working days, unless parts need to be ordered.

We provide many benefits to those purchasing our top-of-the-line machines:

  • 2 free tune-ups
  • 15% off any machine accessory for 1 year
  • Unlimited one-on-one classes
  • 1-year of free embroidery club classes for those purchasing an embroidery machine

Janome Machines

Janome has been at the cutting edge of sewing technology since the earliest days of its founding. Today, Janome offers the most advanced machines ever conceived. We know the most important thing is not the machines themselves, but what you create with them. The better your tools, the more inventive, artistic and pleasurable your sewing experience. Set free your creativity...

Machine Details

1110DX Pro

The 1110DX Pro makes serger sewing easy! Incorporating the differential feed system of two feed dogs, puckered edges on woven fabrics and stretched edges on knits are virtually eliminated. The rolled hem conversion feature eliminates the need to change the needle plate, foot or tension setting for rolled hemming. Restructured lower looper guides allow easy access. The included threading card and color-coded guides are easy to follow for 2, 3 or 4 thread serging.

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Sewing and Quilting Machines

Embroidery Machines


Tips to Keep Your Machine Happy

  • SURGE PROTECTORS ARE A MUST FOR ALL COMPUTER MACHINES! We recommend protection of at least 1000 joules.
  • We do not recommend sewing over pins. You risk breaking a needle which could cause a burr on the hook. If you have a broken needle, be sure to find and remove all broken pieces.
  • • Change your needle every 8 sewing hours. Clean and oil your bobbin case every 3-4 bobbins. Do not use a dull or damaged needle.
  • If your needle gets jammed in your fabric, turn off your machine, and remove the needle from the needle bar. Do not use the hand wheel to pry the needle out. It may negatively affect the timing of your machine or damage the hook of your machine.
  • Do not use canned air to clean out the hook area of your machine. Lint flies up and may damage the computer boards.
  • Never use abrasives on the body of the machine or on the touch screen. Any type of mild cleaning agent, such as Formula 409, should be sprayed onto a cloth and then applied to the body of the machine. Never use acetone, mineral spirits, or harsh chemicals. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders on your machine and embroidery hoops.