Beginning Embird -

Embird is a embroidery computer based program that allows you to:

  • enlarge or reduce designs
  • convert the embroidery format
  • take a part out of an existing design
  • combine various parts to make a new design
  • take several designs to create a scene or new design

In order to take this class, the following is required:

  • purchase of Embird program - this is a direct download from the internet (cannot be purchased in a store)
  • a laptop with the Embird program loaded on it
  • a mouse - it is very difficult to use the touch pad to manuever throughout this program
  • a notebook to take notes
  • any embroidery designs that you currently own should be loaded on your laptop
  • a USB stick so that I can give you designs that will be worked on during classes

If you do not have Embird loaded on your laptop and need assistance doing so, please schedule a time with me in advance of the first class so that we can be it loaded.

Classes are the 2nd & 4th Thursday at 10 am.  I have scheduled 6 sessions and that may be less or more depending on how well everyone catches on to the program.

NOTE:  You must download the free 30 day trial before purchasing this program.  Go to:



Level: Open to Anyone

Fee: $ 20

Instructor: Freida Doubts