It's A Surprise Mystery Quilt -

Shh!  It’s a Surprise

The details of the quilt are a mystery to be solved during class.  The fabric requirements are listed below along with the pre-class cutting assignment.  The remaining clues for solving the mystery will be provided during class.

Fabric Requirements


This lap-robe size quilt (52”x63”) uses a focus fabric with a small to medium pattern that can be fussy cut into 3.5” and 2.5” squares.  5 coordinating fabrics are needed:  a background, 2 contrast and 2 accents. 

·         Focus:   1  yard for borders plus enough to fussy-cut 12 3”-squares (finished size) and 20 2” squares (finished size).  Note: If your fabric is directional and you want cut the side borders lengthwise of the fabric, you’ll need 2½ yards

·         Background        1 yard

·         Contrast 1           1½ yard

·         Contrast 2           1 yard

·         Accent 1               ¼ yard

·         Accent 2               ¼ yard

·         Binding                ½ yard

Any theme fabric will work well as your focus:  floral, underwater, novelty, etc, so long as the scale of the motif fits the fussy-cut square dimensions.  Once the focus fabric is selected, use its color palate to select the remaining fabrics. (Note:   Avoid directional fabrics in selecting the companion fabrics.)  To help you with your fabric choices, the following is a description of the fabrics that I used.

·         Focus:  A floral fabric with shades of pink with white highlights and a small amount of yellow.

·         Background:  A dark green, tone-on-tone print that coordinated with the leaves of the focus fabric.

·         Contrast 1:  A medium-dark magenta that coordinated with the focus fabric blossoms.

·         Contrast 2:  A medium light, tone-on-tone green print that coordinated with the focus fabric and contrast 1.

·         Accent 1:  A medium-light pink batik that coordinated with the focus fabric but had a sharp color differential to contrast 1.

·         Accent 2:  A medium-light yellow print with pink highlights that coordinated with the yellow in the focus fabric, and had a sharp color differential to contrast 2.


In addition to the usual, you will need a Tri-Rec tool available in many quilt shops and online. 

Pre-class Cutting Instructions:


·         Focus:  

o   Non-directional fabric:

§  Cut 6 4½”-strips for the outer border.   

§  Fussy cut 12 3½”-squares.

§  Fussy cut 20 2½”-squares.

o   Directional fabric: 

§  Cut 3 4½”-strips

§  Cut 2 4½”-strips lengthwise of the remaining fabric

§  Fussy cut 12 3½”-squares

§  Fussy cut 20 2½”-squares

·         Background

o   Cut 1 11”-strip; sub-cut into 4 8½”-rectangles

o   Cut 4 3½”-strips; sub-cut into 62-2½”x3½“ rectangles 

·         Contrast 1

o   Cut 1 11”-strip; sub-cut into 4 8½”-rectangles

o   Cut 3 3½“-strips

o   Cut 10 ¾”-strips

o   Cut 6 2¼”-strips for binding 

·         Contrast 2

o   Cut 5 3½”-strips; sub-cut 2 strips into 31-2½”x3½” rectangles 

o   Cut 5 3”-strips 

·         Accent 1

o   Cut 2 2”-strips; sub-cut into 42 2”-squares

o   Cut 1 2¼”-strip

§  Cut 4 2¼”-squares

§  Trim the remainder of the strip to 2”; sub-cut  into an additional 6 2”-squares

·         Accent 2

o   Cut 2 2”-strips; sub-cut into 42 2” squares

o   Cut 1 3”-strips

§  Cut 4 3”-squares

§  Trim remainder of strip to 2¾”; cut 4 2¾ ”-squares

§  Trim remainder of strip to 2”; cut an additional 6 2”-squares.


To help keep all the various pieces organized,  put each in a zip-lock bag labeled with the fabric and the size of the piece, e.g., “accent 2, 3”-squares”.


Level: Open to Anyone

Fee: $ 30

Instructor: Edna Ray