Cuddles Caper #3 -


Well, this case should be easy to solve.  We have 22 detectives with diabolical minds working on the case.    We have seasoned veterans as well as fresh out of the academy rookies.   
The mystery quilt can be made in 4 sizes...... full/queen, twin or lap size.   The difference between the full/queen and twin size is just the addition of an optional wide border. 
The weapons used in this mystery are:                                                                                    
                                Lap Size                                      Twin
                          (57 1/2" x 71 1/2")                 (67 1/2" x 84 1/2" ) 
 Fabric #1    Light             2 yards                                 2 1/2 yds
 Fabric #2    Medium         2 yds                                    2 1/2 yds
 Fabric #3    Dark              1 1/4 yd                                1 3/4 yds
 Border  4" wide                1  yd                                     1 1/4 yds 
Optional Wide Border -for full/queen size only       2 1/2 yds
Binding                                ¾ yd                                    1 yd
Avoid directional fabrics unless you don't care in which direction the print is facing.  Due to the pieces we will be cutting, I probably wouldn't purchase an overly large print for any of the fabrics.  
If you are making the larger quilt and adding the optional border, you may want to pick out the border which can be large, busy, whatever you like, and then choose your light, medium and dark fabrics to blend well with the border.   
Your first official clue, the cutting will be given at the February 11th meeting.  At that time the $6.00 for the pattern will be due. 
You will probably want to gather up some tools before January..... baggies and a sharpie.  You will be putting the "evidence" into the various baggies and labeling them with the clue number.  Trust a seasoned detective, you'll want to keep your clues organized. 
Cuddles Caper will be the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9:30 a.m. for approximately 7 months.

Level: Open to Anyone

Fee: $ 6

Instructor: Freida Doubts