Pizza Box Swap 2017 -



  • Choose what colors/designs you want in your quilt.  Put your fabrics in your pizza box.  Decide what colors you do NOT want in your quilt.
  • All blocks should be 12 ½”.   Please make sure that each block is squared and measures 12 1/2 square
  • You make your first block – due in March.
  • In January, your pizza box will go to the next person in line. 

NOTE:  Pizza boxes will be handed out at the first meeting.

How the Exchange will work:

  • Based on how many people sign up, we will break the exchange into groups of 12 people each.  All names will be put in a bucket and drawn to determine the groups.
  • Each group of 12 will be arranged in alphabetical order.  This order will determine who gets the “pizza box next”.
  • On the inside lid of your pizza box, provide the following information:You bring your pizza box with your first block made, any fabrics you want in your blocks and the above information to January’s meeting. 
    • Your name
    • The desired size of your blocks
    • Any colors you do NOT want to be used in your blocks.
    • Indicate whether or not you pre-washed your fabrics so that each blocks’ fabric treatment is the same.
  • Your pizza box, will be passed on to the person whose name is after yours in the pre-determined order.
  • At the end of 12 months, you will get your box back with 12 finished blocks in it.
  1. Anyone can add a fabric to your block, as long as it is not the color that you indicated you do NOT want in your quilt.
  2. Each person constructing the blocks should consider the person for who the block is being made.  Try tailoring the block to that person’s interests, personality, likes/dislikes etc. if possible. 
  3. You should not make the same block for each person in your group.  Each month, you should be constructing a different, unique block.   
  4. Please use GOOD quality fabrics.  Put thought and skill into each block as though it were your own.

At December 2017 meeting, you should have 12 blocks back in your pizza box.  Put your blocks in a quilt in whichever setting you desire. 

Level: Open to Anyone

Fee: call for info