Strip Club - July -

July 15, 2017 Strip Club Class

July’s Strip Club class is going to focus on Miss Rosie’s Layer Cake Mix Recipe #1 for Paper Piecing!

If you haven’t paper pieced before or want to try something different, Moda has come up with something new!  

·         Bring basic quilting supplies, including sharp rotary blade, new sewing machine needle for your machine, minimum 12” in length ruler, cutting mat.  You will also need one package of Miss Rosie’s Layer Cake Mix Recipe #1.

·         Fabric: 

o   These recipes are designed for use with layer cakes!   Layer cakes are precuts in 10” square sizes with usually 40 pieces of fabric in each layer cake.  The size of your quilt will determine how many 10” squares you need. 

§  If you don’t have a layer cake,  you can cut 40 - 10” squares from your stash!

o   Background fabric:  You will also need 40 10” squares of background material.  You can pick up a solid layer cake – or you can cut from yardage!   You’ll need about 3 yards –maybe more if you want to use this also for an inside border.

o   Borders and Binding – the amount you need will be determined by choices you make for the border and the size of the quilt for the binding.     

·         There is no pre-sewing! 

·         You will get to decide which block to make and which layout you like!  There are 5 block layouts according to the package – but you may decide to do something totally different.  (That’s what I did!) 

o   According to the package, two recipe cards will make one 16” finished square, so you will have 20 blocks for a 4x5 layout if you follow their suggestions.


If you like the class sample, this is what you’ll need:

Fabric:  52 - 10” print squares,  52 – 10” background fabrics, 3 yards for outside border, 1 yard for binding.

Supplies:  I needed 2 packs of Miss Rosie’s Layer Cake Mix Recipe #1 – since my lay-out required 52 papers.   If you want to partner with a friend, you could split a pack! 



Email me if you have any questions!

Level: Open to Anyone

Fee: $ 20

Instructor: Cathy Meador